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i think i broke it.

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uuuuh i got tagged

Name: Sabrina

Birthday: Jan 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight I guess.

Height: 5’ 10” [too tall]

Blogs: sa8oteur is my main for reblogging and general text posts, and then I have a private one that I require requests for because I don’t want everyone and their mother seeing it. 

Tags: nelluk, mother-ship-01, aaaand oglop

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(Moshi Moshi Nippon episode 4 part 2)

Kyary responding to a Moroccan fan’s message saying that she loves wearing kimono but doesn’t really wear it out since overseas people are a bit surprised by it and think she’s doing cosplay (rather than appreciating something she feels really connected to that comes from another part of the world).

kyary you are going to get right up the arses of a lot of tumblrinas if you keep up with this worldwide kawaii thing

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And everyone could just ignore my texts and calls
Nah it’s fine
Totally fine